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Thursday 26 April we will be racing our F1, LMP and S16D Saloon class cars


More photographs of the new track
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Flexi Car (image courtesy of Paul Kassens of G12/Eurosport  (image courtesy of Paul Kassens of F1/Indy car  (image courtesy of Paul Kassens of


Slot cars don't use radios for remote control. Instead, drivers tap into a track-based, 12-volt electrical system via a hand-held controller and conductive pads located at the front of each car.

 We have six "slots" or lanes  which allows for up to six cars to race against one another.

 During a race, after a set time (usually 2 minutes), the cars and drivers change lanes until they have raced on all six lanes.

 With cars travelling at 17 to 30 miles per hour, depending upon the class of race car, the action is so fast and furious that it takes a computer to follow the competition and register race positions and standings.


The Wellington Slot Car Club Incorporated, races 1/24 scale model cars each Thursday commencing at 7.30pm.

Each week we run our Falcon LMP, Falcon JK F1/Indy classes plus S16D & G12 classes

Our 53.5 metre (175.5 foot) 6-lane track is located in Lydney Place (upstairs adjacent to The Dental Centre), Porirua, New Zealand.
The track is powered POSITIVE to the left braid in the direction of travel. A 120 amp power supply producing 12.55 volts is connected in parallel to a large truck battery. 
 4" Flexi-chassis powered by Falcon or Super 16D motors are the mainstays of our racing schedule. We also race F1/Indy, Wing and Eurosport cars with Group12 motors once a month.
We collect a race night fee of $15.00 from racers who do not have an annual membership
A ready to race LMP slot car costs approximately $110.00
Club hand controllers are available, although most racers eventually purchase their own.

Flexi chassis tips and other useful stuff

4" Champion Turbo Flex Chassis - Download the 'zip' file below to learn all the setup secrets.

Want to know how best to set up your Champion Turbo Flex Chassis?

Click here to download a "zip" file (Monty Ohren's and Paul Meiers' articles) with all the answers and photographs. (These articles first appeared in Slotcar Bulletin) or here (Gregory (Cheater) Wells' tome) in PDF format

Want to break-in your new motor? Click here for some tips from the late Monty Ohren and others.

What size is that piece of piano wire, brass rod/tubing, brass plate etc? Click on this Metric - Imperial Conversion Chart

Want to know what armature/gear/rubber performed best at the 2013 1/24 Nationals? Click on Chris Dillon's Comparison Chart

NZSCA 1/24 Endurance Race Honours Board - provided by Rob Dale

What is the correct gear ratio? Click on this Pinion/Gear Chart

Want to know which rubber has the most grip? Click here


C Can motors

Do you know your motor classifications? Click here for the definitive guide to armature wind specifications.

Click here for more information Children's Birthday parties a speciality


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