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Saloon Field


Falcon Podium - 2nd Jonathon Kennedy, 1st Allan Tucker, 3rd Alan Robinson


Allan's winning car


Falcon Champ celebrates win



"A" Final Saloon Field


"B" Final Sports Field


Standards Podium - 2nd Allan Tucker, 1st Chris Dillon, 3rd Steve Murrey


Chris' winning car


Group 12/15

The Saloon Field - a variety of chassis


"B" Final GP race  - Graeme Saxton, Graeme Mitchell, John Crothers, Brad Emmott, & Grant Hastie


"B" Final GP - the cars


"A" Final GP race - Paul Heath (Split), Chris Dillon, Keith Cheesman, Paul de Latour, Kieran Dale, with Steve Murrey reclining


"A" Final - the cars


Chris Dillon's winning F1 Car


Kieran Dale's 2nd placed F1 Car


Paul de Latour's 3rd placed F1 Car


G12 Sports "B" finalists: Graeme Saxton, Paul (Split) Heath, Grant Hastie, Brad Emmott, & Graeme Mitchell, with Gill Andrews "in the Hole"


G12 Sports "B" Final cars


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